Project Runway Meets Papilio Prints

Being a company that uses the latest technology that prints high-quality eco-friendly textiles has its perks! One of the greatest aspects is getting to work with today’s most talented and contemporary innovators out there in the fashion industry. When approached with the idea of collaborating with the creators at Project Runway, a television popular fashion cult series reality show, as a small business contributor in the textile industry, we at Papilio Prints were honored and excited to connect and help create wonderful swimwear for its designers.

In the October 6th episode “Sink or Swim,” designers work alongside our graphics and technical team to create their own stylish and exclusive printed fabrics for swimsuits and cover-ups, with the most captivating look to become a part of Heidi Klum’s swimwear collection. Papilio Prints played an essential role in the episode, providing designers with a rare opportunity to have complete control of their product, using their exact vision to guide them each step of the printing process.

Each of the thirteen design contestants printed five yards of swimsuit fabric and four yards of a sheer rayon lawn for their cover-ups, all printed using vibrant and saturated organic ink. Thanks to Papilio Prints and the Kornit Allegro, the world’s only single-step digital textile printing system, the designers could receive their custom-made fabrics the very next day, and immediately get to work!

Quick turn-around times are crucial for modern designers, and our work with Project Runway illustrated just how big a role reliably fast printing can play in bringing a product to market. Our clients love our services because of the hands-on customer service we deliver, and the fast turnaround we can achieve.

The episode concluded with a fashion show featuring all the different Papilio Prints produced textiles, reconstructed into incredible swimwear fashion. It was a delight to hear the feedback from the esteemed judges, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, and Luck Blue Smith.

The top three designs of the episode where a representative of the many possibilities offered by our printing capabilities. From a bright vibrant graphic feather print to a more ethereal floral motif, to the bold black and white Escher-inspired harlequin print from challenge winner Rik Villa, each textile produced was one of a kind. No bleeds and no fabric stiffness. It was a complete success.

We are truly so honored to have been given the opportunity to display the speed, color accuracy, and vibrancy, as well as the great team here at Papilio Prints. Thank you so much Project Runway, we look forward to working with you in the future!

Check out the video clip of each printed design.

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