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Some Helpful Tips For Choosing The Perfect Upholstery Fabric

So you decided to spice up your living room this New Year and are thinking about getting upholstered furniture, but hold your horses before you plunge headlong into shopping! Do you know anything about choosing the right upholstery fabric? If you answered in a no, then you it is high time that you got some [...]

How to Color On Fabric

There is nothing more beautiful than a colorfully printed fabric lying on the table. The creation and printing of beautiful designs and patterns on different fabric material is called textile printing. It consumes time, energy and cost in hand drawing the patterns and designs. Also, it is difficult to achieve perfection in repeating same designs [...]

Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Next Dress

The kind of fabric people wears express their mindset and the impact their surroundings have on them. The fabrics worn by people reflect their goals in life and the way they perceive the environment around them. We at Papilio Prints understand the importance of maintaining an eco-friendly environment around us.  The designs on our fabrics [...]